Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Witch's Curse Book Birthday!!

Happy Book Birthday To You, Happy Book Birthday To You, Happy Book Birthday Dear David, Happy Book Birthday To You!!!!! *Tosses confetti and dances the happy dance*

Today The Witch's Curse by David James (1.1 Legend of the Dreamer) was released!
I'm so very excited to share that I have read this book! It's short, but oh my WOW. It is another piece of amazing straight from the mind of David James. I'll be posting a review for him on Amazon or GoodReads. Just know that I loved this short as much as I love Light of the Moon. :)

Here is the US Amazon Link
Here is the UK Amazon Link
Here is the Barnes & Noble Link

Head on over to David's Blog, he's got some fun stuff going on over there :) Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!

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