Monday, February 25, 2013

The Strange Place That Is My Mind

I was recently talking with a writer friend and we got to talking about our work in progress/es (or WIP). He was shocked when I said that I was working on several and asked how I kept everything straight.
Simple. For me, it's easy. My mind is a constant clutter of strangeness but it works for me.
For the WIPs that I'm working on, I will call it a classroom.
It's like the characters are all in one general area of my mind. Everyone speaking at once. The character who is the loudest, (let's face it, there is always ONE in every class that no matter what they say, everyone hears it!) that's the character and story I write at the time.
Since I started doing tons of rewrites on TRUE CONNECTION, I've been trying to ignore them so that I can focus on that and that alone. I'm kind of failing in that department. But as long as I write a little each day they generally stay happy, and keep things at a low murmur.
Well, now it's time to get back to revisions...

<3 you all!