Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's finally time for a Tuesday Teaser!

Okay, so I had a wee bit of trouble picking out a teaser.

But! My horrible decision making skills finally so fit to decide!

I’ll shut up and tease!


*Note, this may change before publication


He takes a step towards me and I take one back. But I forget about the log and end up landing on my ass with my legs draped over the log.

I burst out laughing and Seth laughs, too.

He reaches out his hand to help me up. With him laughing this hard it’s easy to knock him off balance and pull him down to me. So I do.

            It feels nice having him like this, the pressure of his body on mine. I have one hand on his chest, the other grips his bicep.

Suddenly we aren’t laughing anymore. We’re just staring into each other’s eyes. He starts to lean down towards me and I bite my lip again. He groans and closes his eyes as he gets closer to my mouth.



I hope you enjoyed the tease :)

In other news, my writing nook is complete! I took it for a test drive last night while I revised!

So comfy. I’m happy! :)

Speaking of revisions…. They’re coming along nicely, I’m still behind, but I’m catching up.

Being sick really took a lot out of me. Ugh. So happy to be on the mend!

Another happy note?

I have started purchasing swag items for giveaways!

Of course my lovely, talented CP Emma Hart has claimed a few things for herself, but that’s okay, it’s all easily replaced and you all won’t miss out!


One last thing!

Next month, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for a certain release…

*zips lips*

That’s all I’m allowed to say right now!

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