Tuesday, March 26, 2013

True Connection Tease

I think I may just post teases on Wednesday, blogger seems to cooperate better. 

I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on these revisions! It’s a wonderful feeling!

I should be done soon and editing will pick up again. I’ll pick a release date at halfway mark with edits. Shouldn’t take terribly long, just longer than I originally planned.


Okay…. I won’t ramble on anymore. Here’s what you’ve come here for! :)




*Note, this snippet is subject to change or removal. Unedited*


True Connection (Book one in The Soul Mate Series)



The class phone rings, shattering my thoughts.

“Jasmine?” Mr. Hare calls as he hangs up the phone. “You’re needed in the office.”

I stiffly nod and try to keep my fear of the empty hallways at bay. He smiles and hands me a pass as I walk to the front of the room.

            Whoever built this school must’ve been a demon’s best friend. I’m currently on the second floor of the school in the South hall. The office is on the first floor in the North hall. I groan, and briskly walk to the stairwell.

            I make it to the office just fine and grab my English book from the secretary. Choosing the closest set of stairs, I run up the flight of steps and push open the door to the second floor. Footsteps echo behind me, thundering down the hall towards me, after passing just two doors. My breathing kicks up as I push myself into a faster jog and try unsuccessfully to swallow my panicked fear.

The footsteps get faster and sound closer, threatening to catch me. Hairs on my arm begin the raise as my panic rises.

            I turn the corner and take off in a sprint to get to the other end of the hall to my class.

            The footsteps are running after me and I can feel eyes on my back. I glance over my shoulder and nearly scream when I see an empty hallway. My body chills, goosepimples spread over me like wildfire, the temperature around me drops significantly. It’s like I’m sitting in an ice bath. Seeing my classroom, I pant as I slow my run and slide into a locker just before the door to my class, feeling my skin crawl.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s teaser and I hope to see you back next week!


Have a fabulous week! 
Emma Hart's The Love Game blog stop will be here on Easter Sunday! :) See you then!

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