Thursday, April 18, 2013

Entrelacen Review

Life isn’t always easy.

And it certainly isn’t easy for April or Logan.

I am lucky enough to be friends with Dani and her and I have had numerous talks and share sessions of this story. She’s done a fantastic job of taking a bit of truth and twisting it, turning it, forming it into a life of its own.

I laughed, I swooned, and I cried. I don’t want to gush about how much the story affects me or how much I love the author, so I’m shutting up about that.



She’s honest and shy, fun and caring. She had a crap upbringing but made the best of it and turned out better and stronger for it.

She becomes an adoptive mom. Being a stepmother myself, I LOVE THAT (and Dani, because she is too!). It’s no where near an easy job, being a parent of any kind is tough as hell but rewarding in so many ways.

Magic is her. She is magic.



He’s troubled, he’s swoonworthy, and he’s exactly right for April. He doesn't come without his own struggles and baggage, either.


When these two get together, and get it right (it takes them a while and it’s not entirely their fault), they’re amazing.


I think you should read it, not just because my friend wrote it, but because it’s a fantastic story. Love, hope, fear – it’s almost real. It’ll definitely keep your attention. <3
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