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Stages Of Grace by Carey Heywood (Blog Tour)

I know this girl named Carey, we talk about all sorts of things. From our love of sweedish fish to our book hugging habits.
Author Bio:
Carey Heywood lives in Richmond, Viginia with her husband, three children and nine-pound attack Yorkie. In her spare time, she transports her children from one extra-curricular activity to another while maintaining her day job in the world of finance. Right now, she is probably eating Swedish Fish.
 I’ve got an excerpt and interview to share with you! EEEE!!!
We'll start with the interview!
Hi Carey! Welcome! It’s so nice to finally have you here!

Hey Rachel!!!
Thank you so so much for having me on your blog :)


So, first question. I know Swedish Fish is your first choice for snacks, is that the only snack you write with?


When I'm writing I usually don't snack that much but I always have fizzy water on hand...or rum...


I LOVE LOVE music, do you create playlists accordingly with your Works In Progress?
I do! The playlist for Stages of Grace is going to be featured on One song from it is Hunter by Dido.

Can you recall what you were doing when Stages Of Grace invaded your mind?
After Googling ways to deal with grief for a friend who had recently lost someone I noticed that the emotions for dealing with the death of a loved can be the same as the death of a relationship.


Do you have a favorite scene in Stages Of Grace?

My favorite scene is when Grace and Ryan go out on the jet ski.
Ohhhh… loved that scene too!!

What's your inspiration to keep writing?


I still feel like I have something to say.

Do you write with visual aids? Music? Total silence?

Background noise is okay, but I prefer silence when I write.

If you didn't have a day job, what would your writing schedule look like?

I'm not sure. I've become accustomed to writing at night. I had a week off recently, I thought I could write all day. Not so much.


What is your absolute dream writing atmosphere, anywhere?
I'd love to be near water. Maybe on a lake or river, sitting in a comfy chair on a screened in porch.

How did you come up with the names for your characters?

The structure of this book was inspired by the stages of grief. I thought Grace would be flow well, plus it's my daughter's middle name. Otherwise I just pick random names I like.

Releasing your book baby is exciting and terrifying. What is something you do to keep calm? 

I'm not sure I'm that calm. Nope, not really calm at all. I think I'll feel nauseous for the next couple of weeks. I'm willing to listen to any ideas...
Yea, I’ve got nothing in that department.

Can you tell us about anything you're working on currently?

My next WIP is called Him and is with my editor right now. It's about a girl named Sarah and the boy she's been trying to forget since high school. I'm currently writing another novel called Better.


Last question! ;) When are we making our Swedish Fish Lovers clothing line? Haha!
Soon! Very soon! Lol! <3

Thank you Carey!

Here’s a little something for you, just to get a taste of the awesomeness!

I lean up against a wall and fidget as I watch passengers filing out in all directions. I try to look at every face as they pass, but there are way more of them than there are of me. Ryan sees me first.
I look around, trying to place where his greeting is coming from when he's suddenly right in front of me, pulling me into a hug.
"Well, you're a sight for sore eyes."
I laugh. "Long flight?
Ryan nods, not letting me go. I swat him on the arm. "Can I take you out for a burger?"
He just nods and grins down at me. Ryan only has a small duffle bag so we head straight to my car. Before we get outside, I stop him to see if he’s brought a hat. He hasn’t and is touched when I pull out a beanie for him. Once he has it on, I have to admit it looks pretty good on him. Seeing Ryan's reaction to the cold, I hurry to my car and get the heater going.
"Grace, why does my ass feel like it’s burning?"
"Oh, sorry. I turned on the seat heaters." I reach over to switch his to low.
"Next time warn a fella."
"Will do" I laugh, trying not to think about his ass.
"So where're you taking me?"
"To Swensons. Awesome burger, but it’s a drive in. Do you want to eat there or bring the food back to my place?"
"Can we take it back to your place?"
Once we have our food, I drive home. It’s weird to think that after tomorrow I won't be able to call it that anymore. I warn him to watch his step on the way up the stairs. Ryan does fine. I slip twice. Damn stairs. Once inside, I give him a quick tour: pile of stuff, empty room, empty room, air mattress, kitchen, and bathroom. Ryan laughs at my descriptions, and after setting his bag down, goes to the bathroom. I unpack our food onto the kitchen counter, grab a roll of paper towels, and make a picnic for us in front of the TV. I am switching on the news to get the next day's weather when Ryan walks out.
He pulls off his beanie as he walks into the front room, making his hair go crazy. He looks at me in confusion as I bring my hand up to my mouth to keep from laughing. Walking over I finger comb his hair back down as he looks down at me. Whoa. I take a step back, almost knocking over my drink to put some space back between us. Ryan notices my reaction and gives me a half smile as he sits down to eat.
So there you have it!
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