Monday, May 13, 2013

True Connection updates!!

Okie dokie. Lotsa lotsa updates! :) EEEP!

I have finished ALL revisions! Start to finish! Bam, done.
Beta readers have read it and I got tons of positive feedback, slight adjustments and booboos but, positive feedback (yay!) Well, I've heard from 6 of 7, the last one is busier than the others and hasnt finished yet, but he's given me positive feedback for as far as he's gotten. So, there's that.
I completed my edits! WOOHOOO!
Now, it's in the editor's hands and I'm just waiting for word from her, then I'll have two rounds of proofreading and True Connection will be in your hands.
^ That's what my aim is. I have a date picked out in my head for my goal, but I'm not giving that out just yet... I'm still expecting another bump. Hoping for none, but you know how that happens. And, if you know me, I'm a worrier and a planner. A combination that does not always go well together. Haha!

Another update... I am writing.
It's not the one the I was aiming for my next release. Those characters are being awfully silent at the moment. So I'll *maybe* post a snippet of that later on. It's NA, and I'm having fun with it. :)

Also, I am revising Book Two in The Soul Mates Series. Yay! I know my Beta's will be happy to hear that. After I finished the first draft of True Connection, I started pounding the keys for book two. After writing 80k I wasnt happy with where things went, so I back tracked a bit. Then there was a hiccup with True Connection, it allowed me time to think and ponder some things, big things, and my CP (Emma Hart) and I talked everything out and that started the heavy revisions. So with those revisions, even more needs to change book two. Sounds complicated, but it's not. It'll be more of a pain in the tooshie than anything. But, they're all good changes. I'm excited.

So enough of my ramblings that probably doesnt make too much sense. I do have something to share with you.
In True Connection (and the series) the chapters are titled. So I thought I'd share a few of my favorite chapters with you. (Note: not the actual order in the book.)

Did not see that coming
The town loon speaks the truth

And I'm stopping there. Why? Because I might give out each chapter title, and... I might do that. But not tonight. ;)
Hope you've enjoyed my updates and the teeny tiny inside scoop. Come back again, I'm sure I'll post something more

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