Monday, June 24, 2013

Mish-mash of things....

I haven’t done a post for a while. You might be wondering why… or maybe that’s just me. LOL.

Okay, here it goes…

I sent True Connection to my editor, who loved it by the way, she sent it back to me, I completed the corrections and added in things where they needed to be. And then I sent it back to her. And to my second round betas.

SO NOW I’M WAITING AGAIN. Agony. Pure freaking agony. I dislike waiting. It’s right up there on my HORRIBLE LIST, next to washing dishes and going to the dentist.

Because I’m waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more… I tried to write more in A Message of Flowers. My New Adult WIP that I’ve been teasing you all on Facebook with. I don’t have that much more to write, but being that it’s summer – CHILDREN EVERYWHERE – and release day is approaching, writing time is limited.

I can’t write. I did a little bit, but the whole time I was writing I thought, “this is non paranormal, it’s life. You know what? That is BORING. I need to play with a dragon.” You see, there’s three WIPs with dragons in them at some point. So I tried to write one of those stories… FAIL. I felt so guilty because there isn’t much left to write in AMoF.

My brain has some major attention issues today. “Aww, the florist and the mason kiss…. Where’s a dragon when you need one? Can the florist’s best friend have a pet unicorn? I wonder if the mason can build a castle for a fairy king…”


So I’m stuck.

Waiting some more.


So in light of that, I figure I’d share something with you.

I know I’ve told others, and I may have even made a post about it before. But I can’t remember, and True Connection release is less than a month away.

How I got the idea for this book:

It was late, or early in the morning. I was just starting to fall asleep when my phone rings.


“Hey,” I answered.

“Dude, I just had a dream that I pissed off all the Greek Gods. They chased me all over the world. I didn’t even get to stop to see the sites. *enter bad word here*”


Over the next few nights, I just couldn’t let it go. It wasn’t even MY dream.

After a week or so, maybe more, I started writing.

So this is what we have….

“I pissed off all the Greek Gods, they chased me down.” = Teenage girl meets supernatural teenage boy. He tells her he’s not human, she thinks he’s a psycho.


Don’t ask how that happened. That part is kinda fuzzy.

 So if you want to be a part of the True Connection blog tour, here's the link. HERE
If you already signed up, ask a friend who hasn't. :) The more the merrier! And the dates July 18th & 19th could use some love, if you'd like to of course.
There will be a giveaway from me for release week.... SHHH! I didn't say that, HAHA.

On the blog this week is my review of Playing For Keeps by EmmaHart.


In other news, David James has his series on sale until July 2nd. So good.

April Showers by Karli Perrin is &.99 and I think you should read that, too.

My lovely friend Carey Heywood released ANOTHER book, Him… you should totally pick that up as well.


Now I’ll leave you with this…..

MEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!!!!!! lol. I'm excited if you couldn't tell!

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