Monday, July 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesday!!

 I completely forgot last week to get a teaser post ready, so this week, I'm giving a teaser for A Message of Flowers, my NA Contemporary Romance AND the very first teaser for Soul Promise, book 2 of The Soul Mate Series.... Hope you enjoy!

Soul Promise (The Soul Mate Series, Book Two) teaser -
(***unedited and subject to change***)

When we get into the hallway Barry takes off running down the hall to the stairs, not knowing what else to do, I follow him. The running helps, some, but it makes my wolf try to surface even more. I push him back as best I can. This reminds me of the night I found my wolf.
            “Henry!” Someone said trying to wake me up. “Dude! Get the hell up!” Sounded like Barry.
            “No,” I mumbled and grip the body lying next to me tighter.
            Wait, there’s a body next to me? Where am I?
            Looking around the room I notice the room is mine, and the body is Skeeter.
            The day’s events passed through my head, birthday party, demons trying to attack my sister in the bathroom, and Skeeter falling asleep on my shoulder downstairs. Since she’s not sixteen yet, she doesn’t have the protection of the Ichor in her veins yet.
            “What Barry?” I sat up while keeping my hand on Skeeter’s arm to keep her protected.
            “It’s Jazzy, get out of bed and help me damn it!” He growled at me. I jumped out of bed and took off for her room.
            What does he mean by help him? He was supposed to be with her as soon as Seth left! What happened to my sister?! I hear Skeeter and Barry behind me but I can’t focus on what they’re saying. I reach her door and Barry slams into me.
            “Downstairs, idiot!” He growls and gives me a shove towards the stairs.
            I run down the stairs, letting my reach swallow the steps two and three at a time. I can hear her gasping for breath and trying to talk to Seth. Shit, something bad happened. If it was one of those wraiths, I would’ve heard her. Hell, everyone in the house would’ve.
            When I step into the living room and see the hand print glaring on her cheek, like a neon sign, my body quakes with rage. She looks broken - tears streaming down her cheeks, lip caked with dried blood, and she’s holding her side.
            Before I even knew what happened I ended up in front of Jazzy. Grinding my teeth, I ask a stupid question. “Are you okay?” When all she does is lightly nod, I close my eyes and hold her hand. I can feel the rage inside me brewing to a boiling and I know I’m shaking. I let go of her hand and hightail it into the kitchen. I just need a minute to calm down. I don’t know what’s happening.
            I close my eyes and try to breathe, but the rage inside me is suffocating. I need to hit something, someone.
            No one touches my sister!
            As I groan someone shoves me into the glass doors and reaches around to yank it open. “Go out! Now!” Barry growls in my ear.
            Insane with rage I lashed out at him. “Barry! Stop!” I shouted. “Jaz…” everything turned into growls as he pushed me onto the deck.
            My skin felt like it was on fire. My bones started cracking, muscles stretching and pulling in ways that I know aren’t possible. He quickly helps me down the stairs.
            “Stay calm,” Barry kept repeating. If I could respond I’d tell him to go to Hell.
            Pain consumes me as more fire burns through me and my bones begin to shift positions.
            “This is normal, you’re okay, just breathe.” Barry said in a soothing voice that I’ve never heard him use.
            Suddenly there’s an animal quality to my mind, everything smells different, clearer and stronger. I could hear Jazzy and Seth talking inside.
            “Your wolf is kinda small, Henry. No worries, we’ll beef ya up.” I just looked at him and my wolf growled out my response.
            We run out of the school and through the parking lot. “Woods,” I growl. He nods and I press my feet harder into the pavement, forcing myself into a faster speed.
            “Take it easy, you don’t have extra clothes!” Barry shouts reminding me that if I shift now, I’ll be naked. I take a deep breath and slow my pace as we cross the football field and duck behind the bleachers to access the tree line. “Hang a left!” Barry shouts from somewhere behind me as I weave through trees. I start to slow and yank both shirts over my head. When I come to a stop, I just drop my clothes and shift, letting out a loud and long snarl. Barry’s wolf responds, and I can only guess he’s telling me to shut my trap because we’re still on school property.
            This is what I need. I can finally breathe without the frenzied tightness in my chest.

If you are younger than 18, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

You have been warned.
(I honestly don't think it's that bad, but seriously, don't read on if NA isn't your thing.)

A Message of Flowers teaser- 
(***unedited and subject to change***)

Anger boils my blood. “Who would do this?!” I fist my hands and turn away, going back to my plant.
            “I don’t know,” Corbin says, following me.
            I sit in the yard next to the damaged bush and finger the leaves. “I just want to sleep for like ever,” I grumble.
            He chuckles. “You don’t need to sleep forever.” He shrugs and sits beside me. “If you do, you won’t see the new growth, or go exploring, or experience anything this life has to offer,” he says and bumps his elbow into mine.
            I look at him sideways. “Thank you.” I smile. “Come on in, I’ll order a pizza.”
            He laughs, and we go inside. He orders the pizza while I feed Chowder. I can’t help but look at him any chance I can. He’s shirtless, it’s meant to happen.
            “Twenty minutes,” he says, catching me ogling him.
            I blush. “Sounds good.”
            Oh God, he caught me staring at his bare chest!
            He walks up to me. “Sunshine, you wouldn’t happen to have a shirt that’s, ya know, not girly?”
            I frown slightly. “Yea, I probably do.” I walk around him towards my bedroom and feel him follow me. “It might not fit as well as your own shirts, but it’ll do.” I bend over in my closet and dig in the box that contains some of my dad’s shirts. I smile as I pull out a “Pull My Finger” tee. Dad was a character, loved wearing funny tees at inappropriate events.
            I turn and see him staring at me and leaning against my bedpost. “Here,” I say quietly and hand him the shirt.
            He pulls it over his head without looking and laughs when he looks down. “Your dad wore a shirt like this one to graduation.”
            I nod and look away. That shirt will definitely keep me from ogling him. As I walk passed him to the door, he stops me by putting his hand on mine.
            “Thank you,” he whispers, tugging me into him for a hug.
            I wrap my arms around his waist and let him hold me. It feels nice to be in his arms, comforting and safe. I pull back and look up to him. “Anytime.”
            His brown eyes search mine and fall to my lips. I don’t move. I don’t breathe. I can’t. Anticipation traps me in a still form, while my insides scream, “Kiss me you fool!”

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