Sunday, July 14, 2013


*takes deep breath*

*proceeds to FREAK OUT*
Okay..... Now that that's all out of the way.... Here comes the FUN stuff!!!
There's a BLOG TOUR!!!
Here's the schedule so you all know what's going on AND can follow all the excitement and fun stuff!
Tour Schedule

July 15
Jessica Noreault –Promo stop
Tracey -Review
Michelle Muto -Promo Stop
Christina –Review/Barry Interview

July 16
Priya -Review
Emma Hart -Promo
Christopher Chapman –Review/Interview
Natasha  -Review
Aliaa –Review
Jessica Castle -Author Interview/Promo

July 17
David James -Promo Stop
Carey Heywood –Review
Megan  –Review
Kendall -Review
Mara  -Author Interview/promo

July 18
Helen Boswell -Promo Stop/Excerpt
Allura –Review
Riki –Review
Chris Waltz  -Review

July 19
Ava –Review/ Playlist
Dani –Review
Mary  –Review/Character Interview
Julia -Promo
Bloggers, authors - THANK YOU! I cannot express how much each one of you mean to me. Just by signing up to be a part of this. It truly blows my mind that each of you signed up! THANK YOU!!!! <3

Next order of business...
There's a giveaway....
One international, one US only.
I feel bad that the US only gets the swag pack AND eBook, but I can't afford the shipping just yet. postage is getting expensive... nuts.

Anyway... The swag pack.
The US winner will receive an eBook of True Connection... and this...
One signed bookmark
One "KEEP CALM AND TURTLE BARRY" coffee mug. (if you haven't read the book, you won't understand. to those who have read the book.... I hope you giggle.)
One tote bag
One hemp key chain "SOUL MATES"
And one T-shirt. It says “It’s going to take a fight, I know that. But it’s more than just a fight for my life. It’s a fight for my soul and my soul mate.” With my name and book title. It comes in Grey, White, or Black (viewed above.) and the sizes are S-XXL

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Paperback will release August 1st!!!! (Maybe sooner! And I'll have another giveaway then!)
Thank you to everyone! <3 I wish you all love and happiness! Thanks to those of you who took a chance on a newbie! <3
Purchase True Connection
Amazon US
Amazon UK

I do not have a link for iBooks or Barnes & Noble yet. I apologize. I will post the links as soon as I get them.
Keep up with the tour and find excerpts, interviews, and what others are saying about True Connection! :)

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  1. I believe there are soul mates but I don't think if you lose a soul mate that you can't find someone else.


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