Monday, August 12, 2013


A Message of Flowers

Oh my...
My first NA... *chants* no blubbering no rambling no blubbering no rambling....

Here she is... The beautiful cover that Emma Hart designed...

Isn't it perdy?
I love it! Ah!

Okay, okay, I'll give you the blurb too!

White Carnations - pure love, sweet and lovely.
Daisy - Innocence, beauty, simplicity.

To florist, Georgina Nickols, every flower has a meaning and a purpose. Flowers are something she knows, lives, and breathes. But when they start mysteriously showing up on her porch, she’s unsure of their meaning, and of who is leaving them.
What do these flowers mean to the messenger?

An old friend from high school, Corbin Waylay, moves back to town. When he shows up, he stirs up all kinds of trouble for Georgina. Her life-long friend, Sid Trail, hates him and makes that fact clear to Georgina. But despite the warnings from her friend, she just can’t help the feelings that resurface. The feelings she hasn’t felt for anyone since high school graduation, the feelings that only Corbin can induce.

As Corbin moves closer into her life, it causes a rift between her and Sid. The mystery flowers continue to appear and begin to add to the stresses of life.
Love, secrets, pain, and lies surround Georgina, putting her trust to the test.
When the messenger is finally revealed, will the meaning of the flowers be enough to repair the damage of those hidden secrets?

Forget Me Nots - Remember me forever, good memories, hope.
Single Red Rose - I love you.

And because it's teaser tuesday...

            “Well since you’re not that drunk and you’re not sober, I have nothing good to talk about.”
            I stop sliding the bottle. “What do you mean?”
            “We could be having phone sex if you were hammered,” he says, huskily.
            “How would we do that? I don’t own a vibrator,” I blurt. Both he and Breeze burst out laughing.
            “Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me?” Breeze shouts.
            “I have Corbin for that, I don’t need a vibrator,” I remind her.
            Corbin snorts. “It could be fun.”
            “Corbin! Teach her the sexing ways!” Breeze screams, Trish doesn’t even flinch.
            I realize everything I’ve just said. “Oh my god. I, uh, shit!”
            Corbin laughs harder. “Drunker than you thought?” 


There you have it! :)
Beta readers have it I wait. 

I hate waiting. LOL


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Deviation by Dani Morales - Blog Tour Stop!

I am so proud of Dani! She's a good friend of mine, and I love her to pieces. This is her second novel! WOO!
Okay here's the book!

It takes just one week to realize that you’re broken, but not unfixable. ONE week to realize everything doesn’t come with a price. One week to fall in love with love. One week to fall in love with you. 
Family torn apart at thirteen by a drunk driver.
Fifteen foster homes in five years.
Determined to keep everything at bay, Nevaeh Rodgers will do whatever it takes to forget.

Until she meets Angel Barajas at a party. He can’t keep his eyes off of her. Saving her from a guy at the party and an overdose, he can’t just let her walk out his door. Determined to help her whether she wants the help or not, he sets out to find her and not a moment too soon.
  It takes ONE day to realize the relationship you’re in isn’t healthy and leave. TWO days to realize you’re as pathetic as the loser you stayed with. THREE days to get a combination of drugs out of your system. FOUR days to wish life would end so you can take matters into your own hands. FIVE days to be saved. It takes a week to realize that everything each and every one of those days has in common, is the vibrant blue eyes that are staring at me right now.

When I come to again the first thing I notice is the fragrance of laundry. It smells just like when it comes out of the dryer. I roll over, shocked to come into contact with a warm, hard, body. I shoot up and scoot across the bed, only to end up falling on my ass on the other side. I bite back a groan and see that I’m only wearing my pink bra and panties. Sober. Shit!  I’m totally fucking sober right now. I crawl around looking for my pants but find nothing. I glance up at the bed and see a guy lying there asleep. I stand up and tiptoe towards the door that I’m hoping is the bathroom. I open it, but instead of a bathroom, there’s a hallway.
 Part of the wall looks like the shape of a door, so I start pressing on it. When it finally opens, I see my clothes on the floor of the bathroom by the tub. Shutting the door behind me, I grab my pants and look for the pills but they’re gone. My backpack is missing too and I’m starting to freak out. I stand up and grab the counter when suddenly the door opens. I can’t even bring myself to look at whoever came in. All my focus is on trying to slow my breathing before I have a panic attack.
“Just take a deep breath in; now slowly release it, deep breath in and out.” A deep voice says as the door clicks shut behind him. He places his hands on my hips and a shudder races through my body. I look up into the mirror and see a face that looks familiar but I can’t place it.  I focus on his blue eyes which are the same shade mine used to be when I was younger. The same blue that reminds me of the innocence and happiness I had in my life before it was taken from me.
“Who are you and where am I?” My voice is shaky from the warmth of his skin on mine.
“Do you remember anything from last night?” He looks concerned.
I try to remember. I remember walking home in the morning, I remember Timo walking in with that bitch, I even remember meeting up with Ice. I shudder. This guy flexes his hands on my hips, and when I look up in the mirror I see him watching me. Click. “You were at the party. I remember staring at you and then I was coming to talk to you when Timo showed up. He was about to punch me-“I stop. He meets my eyes in the mirror, “You stood in front of me and knocked Timo out, right?”
He nods his head yes. I try to understand what’s going on and remember what happened after that but I come up with nothing. “Okay, so why am I here and who are you?”
He sighs, “Well, my name is Angel and you are in my house because you blacked out.”
I blacked out? I guess I took the wrong pill last night. “Okay, but that doesn’t explain why I’m still here. Yeah, okay, I blacked out and now I remember my vision getting blurry but that doesn’t explain why I’m still here-not that I’m ungrateful, but I’m not sure I should be thrilled either.”
He laughs at me. “Well, after I knocked out Timo, your friend said you could stay with her but she was worried Timo would find you. So I decided to bring you to my place.”
Alright. Well that makes perfect sense, I think. I feel myself nodding, “Okay, so…. why am I also half naked?”

Go buy this book at Amazon!

Okay, I have a treat for you too :)

Angel stopped in for an interview!!! 

Meet Angel -
Hi Angel!
It's so nice to finally sit down with you :)
I hope you don't mind, but I want to pick your brain a little bit...

Hey Rachel, pick away! *winks*

What made you choose Nevaeh at the party, and not someone else?
Honestly I didn’t plan to single anyone out at the party. I was there to keep an eye on a friend but when I saw Nevaeh walking through the crowd and our eyes locked, I was intrigued. I didn’t think she was into what goes down at those parties though she looked the part, but I can tell it was a cover. Then when she started dancing, let’s just say my curiosity met its limit and standing back was no longer an option.
When you decided to help Nevaeh, did you think it would end up being more than that?
I definitely hoped it would end up the way it did, but Nevaeh is so strong willed that I’m surprised she allowed me to help her.

What was going through your head when she hid away in the closet?
I knew she need the space and that she wouldn’t want anyone, especially a guy, seeing her struggle. She has too much pride for that, but I hated every minute. I didn’t know if she was actually ok or if she managed to slip something by me.

For you, in your past, what was the moment that made you realize you had a problem and needed help?
I don’t talk about my past much because it brings up a lot of bad memories, but I ended up overdosing. Luckily I was in a situation where people noticed what was happening and called the EMS. It was a real eye opener. When I saw my mom in the hospital room and a tube down my throat, I knew I had to get help. If not for me but for my mom.

Is there anything you would've done differently?
In my life? I would like to say definitely. I would go back and never got addicted to pills, but I would be lying. Everything that happened in my life was because of the mistakes I made and I’ve learned from them. They helped me grow and become who I am. It also brought me into Nevaeh’s life, indirectly maybe, but it gave me the opportunity to be there for her.

What is your favorite thing to do with Nevaeh and what is your favorite thing to do alone?
Nevaeh’s pretty competitive so anything that involves her is my favorite thing to do with her, but if I had to pick one thing, I would say watching movies with her. When we watch movies, she gets so into it that you can see her saying the lines under her breath, or she cries, but it’s her laugh that gets me every single time. Now alone… hmm I’m big on reading. But mostly I love to watch Nevaeh when she sleeps.

What did you want to do, career wise, as a kid?
Be a professional football player. Isn’t that all guys dream? *chuckles* I never really thought ahead. I was more in the now type of person. I didn’t care about consequences as long as what I got was what I wanted at that moment.

Thanks for coming to visit Angel :)
Thanks for having me!

Meet the Author!

Author Bio

Dani Morales is a native Texan currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three boys and her mother.  She adopted the boys in December of 2011 and loves spending every minute playing with them. On her spare time you can find a book in her hand or sitting in front of the computer typing out stories that run rampant in her mind. Her debut novel Entrelacen was released April 2013.

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