Friday, November 8, 2013

Getting this off my chest...It feels good.

It's time to come clean!

I have to admit something this evening…
*stands up*
Hi, my name is Rachel and I’ve become THAT person. My family is THAT family. My house…yea, you guessed it…is THAT house.
My Christmas tree is up and decorated already. Decorations are out. Snowman wreath is on the door too.
Yup. We’re THOSE people.
If you ask me, I’ll probably tell you it’s my husband’s fault. Don’t listen to me. It is MY fault.
Here’s why:

A few weeks ago, an author friend of mine reminded everyone that she is holding 12 Days Of Christmas on her blog. That anyone who is interested in writing a Christmas short story can send it to her and she will post it as a thank you to the readers for Christmas.
Upon reading this, I got super excited and responded with a “This sounds like SO much fun! I’ll see what I can come up with!”
Because, you know, I don’t already have enough on my plate or anything…Release Day is 10 days away, I’m rewriting book 2 of The Soul Mate Series, writing another, haveabooksigningcomingupchild’s15thbirthday,christmasshopping,traveling… *takes a deep breath* I started working on a Christmas short story.
I have no idea if I’ll actually be able to finish it by the time I have to get it over to her, but I’m trying. If not, I’ll save it for next year.
Anyway, because of this short story, I’ve been listening to Christmas music, helping to get into the mood for the story to flow just right…
Husband decided that because I’ve been bugging him with Christmas Carols, he put the Christmas tree up. It totally helps my mojo.
WE ARE NOW THAT FAMILY! I AM NOW THAT PERSON! I HAVE THAT HOUSE. The people who put their decorations up early.
On the plus side, at least we don’t leave our stuff up and out all year long! ;) LOL
*sits back down*
I had to say, that felt good to say all of that.
Now, I’m going to go back to work so I stay on schedule!

A Message of Flowers releases in TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited for you to meet these characters! 

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