Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shadow of the Sun by David James, Cover Reveal

You guys...I've fangirled over David James several times... Here's another.
I'm seriously ready to one-click this book, and it's not here yet, just the cover. but the cover is AMAZING!
If you have zero idea on what I'm talking about when I say the name David James... here, check out these links real quick:
1. Light of the Moon 
2. The Witch's Curse
3. The Warrior's Code
4. Shades of the Stars

If you haven't read his work, you should get on that. I highly recommend his books :)

Now, for the cover reveal!!! (I'm so excited I can't stand it!)

TITLE: Shadow of the Sun
SERIES: Legend of the Dreamer, Book 2
AUTHOR: David James
"Destined for love, Calum and Kate will do anything to be together. With Kate trapped by a curse in Ashfall, Calum must find a way to save her before she is lost to dark magic. Before she is lost to him and the truth of their love is gone forever. Even if it means sacrificing himself, Calum will choose to keep Kate safe.

A Warrior for the Order, Zack prides himself on being stoic and strong. As a Warrior, he never cries and never hurts. He does not love. But underneath Zack’s Warrior heart, love beats true. And when he finds someone who will finally catch him, Zack finds himself choosing to fall even if true love kills him.

Though the heart never lies, everyone has a little darkness in them, and soon shadows begin to rise against the light. As deadly magic consumes their world, love may not be enough to save them all. Because even though sometimes being brave just means falling in love, one choice can destroy everything. This time, no heart is safe."

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