Friday, January 17, 2014

Danielle Taylor Cover Reveal

Blurb: Julia Burns can’t remember a day in her life when she didn’t have to work. So the ad in the paper sounds perfect to her – even if she does have to marry a complete stranger. Nicholas Steele isn’t used to being around people since the accident that left him disfigured. Having a permanent house guest isn’t his idea of fun, however, the press would have a field day if they found he and his new wife weren’t residing together. On paper, their ‘fake’ marriage fits both their needs, giving Nicholas a wife and Julia the security she's always dreamed of having. In reality, every moment Nicholas and Julia spend together brings them closer to falling for each other.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Alexa's Adytum by Jessica Cage


The queen is trapped inside her own mind, her Serve has been captured by Darkness, and the Navare are launching an attack in just a matter of days.
Lamar and Layal must lead the vampire masses in a battle against evil. It won't be an easy task. The Navare are nasty beasts, vampires given in to the call of Darkness. They have strength in numbers, a leader who is spiritually connected to their once queen Alecia, and a ton of twisted demons on their side.
For the vampires, its either find a way to wake Alexa or stand and fight. Which path should they choose when either may lead to their demise?

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About Jessica Cage:
I am a young mother who at one point gave up on my dream to be a writer because everyone told me there was nothing in it for me. After having my son, I questioned, how can I inspire him to follow his dreams, reach for the stars, if I do not do it myself. Yes I have made some mistakes, slip ups and all, (some very embarrassing), but instead of tucking my tail between my legs and running away to hide, I stepped back a bit, cleaned up my act and now I am hitting the pavement hard. I am inviting all who are interested to come along with me on my journey as I seek to grow and improve as a woman, a mother, and a writer.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Into You by Danielle Sibarium - Blog Tour

NA Title, 18 and up ONLY

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“You start out with the best of intentions, but inevitably you hurt each other. I love you, but that didn't stop me from hurting you last night, or this morning. Love sucks. It's just the way it is.”
Falling in love is easy. But what happens when that love has been tossed aside and trampled on by the person who swore to cherish it? Can you ever trust again, or will the bitter taste of betrayal keep you from allowing anyone else in?
Carter and Elizabeth each have their own issues with love and trust. Both have had their hearts broken and carry the scars of the past into their relationship with each other. Is love ever enough? Can it overcome?
Carter faces his past with Elizabeth by his side, but it continues to haunt him at every turn. Can he let go and believe in her enough to leave his past behind him or will he push too hard and send her running into another man’s arms?

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Snippet -

I looked around at the stores and shops, most of them were closed, with metal grates covering the windows. That was something you didn't see much of in Jersey, at least not where I lived. That and the attached stores packed so close together, one on top of the other. The stores and restaurants on the main streets tended to be close, but only for a few blocks. All of Brooklyn had this tight squeezed-in feel.
I'd gotten my fill. I found myself looking to get away from the noise of the cars beeping, buses screeching and music blaring. I wanted to go home. Yearning to feel my cool, crisp sheets cradle my bare skin, I walked faster, looked down at my watch, and yawned.
“Son of a bitch!” a male voice barked as I felt myself bounce off what felt like a brick wall.
I shook it off realizing there are no walls in the middle of the sidewalk. The hard object I bumped into was a man.
“Sorry,” I said, before even looking at him.
The striking young man shook his head annoyed. He looked down at his chest to assess the damage. I followed his gaze, and gasped as I made out the egg carton against his chest oozing with gook. Without thinking, I reached into my pocket, pulled out a tissue and dabbed at the eggy spot on his suit jacket. I hesitated, embarrassed at the liberty I had taken. With heat filling my face I looked up, and met his eyes for the first time. My stomach tumbled. I stood frozen, mesmerized by his steely grey eyes. In an attempt to hide my awkwardness I pulled my hand away from him.
“Forget it,” the handsome stranger said.
“The yolks on you,” I recovered.

Meet The Author - 
Danielle Sibarium grew up as an only child of divorced parents in Brooklyn, New York. Her imagination was developed at an early age. Surrounded by stuffed animals and imaginary friends, she transported herself into a fantasy world full of magic and wonder. Books were the gateway between her play world and reality. On any given summer afternoon she became Snow White sweeping and cooking for the dwarfs, or Cinderella waiting for the prince.
Danielle always loved dialogue and in elementary school began writing plays and short stories. This is when she began to understand she could not only bring her fantastical world to life for herself, but she could enchant others as well. And so she wrote. She wrote and wrote and wrote.
Sadly the first piece she ever sent out for publication of any sort was a letter to the editor of The Home News Tribune. It was a piece of thanking the first responders for their bravery and selflessness on Sept. 11th. It was chosen as letter of the week.
In 2007 Danielle collaborated with Charlotte Doreen Small to write songs for her CD More. Danielle wrote the lyrics for Take My Hand, and Goodbye, while Charlotte contributed the melody. In October 2011 Danielle’s debut novel For Always was released. She has since released The Heart Waves Trilogy, Heart Waves, Breaking Waves, and Waves of Love.  Danielle graduated from Farleigh Dickinson University with honors, and currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and three children.

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Friday, January 3, 2014


For those of you who don't really know me... I am a bit of a private person, on the shy side, but not so shy that I'm the little ball of flesh in the corner. Growing up, I was loud and the filter between my brain and mouth was nonexistent. Now that I'm an adult, I'm still on the loud side and sometimes that filter needs repairing. But for the most part, I'm reserved. Parts of me I keep hidden. Not that it's bad parts, but mostly, I'd rather just be home. I love my friends and family and enjoy spending time with them, but I'd still rather be home. I'm also a big chicken. I've successfully shocked my friends and family when I made the decision to publish True Connection and continue on this journey.
For a while, I kept it under wraps in my real life. Only a select few really knew what I was doing. As it got closer to pressing publish back in July, a few more people learned about it. Either my husband or another person who knew would talk about it to someone else. Word spreads like wildfire sometimes, I'm sure you're all aware of that fact.
Eventually, I was comfortable talking about my book to the people I know in real life and spent time with regularly.
One day in August, I went to a jewelry store in my city. They had some nice things, the ladies were very nice, and they even offered to clean my rings just for stopping in.
As one lady was cleaning my rings, the other lady decided to try to get to know me better. Here's where my normal hermit-self would've backed away and sat quietly on the ugly, but comfy, chairs provided. But, I had decided that I would be okay with talking to ONE person in my town that I'd never met prior to this, and tell them, "I am an author" if it came up.
She asked where I was from and when she found out I was local, she got excited and rambled questions quicker than a machine gun. I did my best to process her accent and answer everything quickly and to the best of my knowledge. She asked, "What do you do for work?" I responded, "I'm an author." Now, she's an older lady, and one who obviously hears about books and books that turn into movies. But my guess, she doesn't really read, or at least not the most popular books that get turned into movies. Mind you, this is the FIRST time I've EVER told a STRANGER that "I'm an author." Her response to this was, "You write books like Harry Potter! Harry Potter writes books!" I smile, and begin to correct her, when she tilts her head and says, "You're not British."
I stutter and scramble for something to say. But I can only think of one lame, but honest, thing to say, "I'm not British." The woman laughed a little and finally asked for my name and the title of my book and where to purchase it. I was so thrilled that she even wanted to give me a chance, I'm not Harry Potter or British, and she still wanted to know! LOL. So, I told her various websites she can pick it up, and even told her about Amazon's free Kindle app in case she needed that.
By the time we're done with this, customers walk in and she tells me to have a seat until my rings are done.
I sit and admire some pretty sapphire necklaces, and finally my rings are finished. I jump up, grab them, politely thank her, and attempt to make a quick exit to tell my husband all about my failed first "coming out," when she does something that made me freeze and instantly turn flame red.
"Bye Rachel! I'll look for your book tonight!" and to the customers, "She's an author, like Harry Potter but not British, and she's local!"
I smile, shyly. All the while wishing I could become a turtle and suck into myself to hide.
Female customer - "She's an author?!"
Male customer - "I've never seen one of those in real life before."
My only thought, I've become my city's very own three headed bearded lady, all because I opened my big mouth to a stranger.

Since then, I've managed to overcome my fear of being a local sideshow attraction and I've even done a book signing in a local bookstore. I've published another book and have become a bit more comfortable talking about my profession. I've even dealt with an argumentative drunk guy about me writing a book. He didn't believe me, or was in shock, or it was just alcohol. But needless to say, it was annoying. The guy followed me around all night, asked the same questions over and over again, and even followed myself and my family out to our car when we left, asking those same questions. "You really wrote a book?" "Can I read your book?" "Where did you go to school?" "You didn't take writing courses in college?" and various other questions. I was short with him a few times, and may have even used the phrase, "Yes, I wrote 529 pages of sh*t." But it had no affect on him. However, that comment earned me the status of "Best Salesman of the Year" from some sarcastic friends.

There is a point to this, promise.
It goes as follows...
I AM AN AUTHOR! I'm proud of myself for finally being able to say those words. I won't say it often in public...but I will say it. I'm to the point where I'm comfortable saying it. Now, me celebrating myself...that's another bag of worms for another blog post. One that will hopefully be funnier.
Hope everyone has had a wonderfully, safe, and warm holiday. And STAY WARM! Also, send some warm weather to PA...I know I've forgotten what warmth feels like...LOL.