Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Day In My Shoes

On a typical morning, the motor boating feline tends to wake me. Or, he's headbutting me and digging at the covers because he's uncovered himself again. And usually about that time, my body wakes up and forces me out of bed. I get my four year old daughter awake and we head down the stairs to start the day, her with whatever happens to be showing on Disney or Nick Jr and me with a whole pot of coffee.
My morning consists of kid show tunes, coffee refills, making breakfast - then catching a dancing kid so she eats. At some point through all the morning chaos, I check all my emails, responding to the necessary ones, checking all notifications, texts, calls, tweets, update my calendar and check it to see what all I need to do...
By the time that's all done, it's time to do the dishes and make lunch as I wonder where the morning went. I turn the radio on and jam out. My daughter has the job of putting her bowls and silverware away, so she tends to hang out with me and the music, too. She loves drying the pizza pan and her most requested song is Never Never by Korn. I don't know why but okay.
My daughter is...silly. She is obsessed with Sidney Crosby, captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL). And lately, she repeats her favorite joke, because she just started grasping the Knock, Knock jokes...
her- "Mommy! Knock, knock."
me - "Who's there?"
her- "Sidney Crosby!" with the largest cheesiest smile she possess
me- "Sidney Crosby who?"
her- "Sidney Crosby the hockey player! Duh!"

And usually by lunch, I've heard this 3-10 times...sometimes I lose count. I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear his name or that joke. She's Crobsessed. It's okay. Penguins are my FAVORITE team. I'm obsessed with hockey. So she gets it well. But the Crobsession is new.
Also, by lunch I've heard, "I want to go to school like brother and sissy!" and, "Roses are red, violets are blue, this is my bed, and this is my head!"

After lunch is finished, and cleaned up, we practice letters and writing and things like that for a bit. Sometimes we only do twenty minutes. Other days she flies through and we go for two or three hours. She's still only 4, so I don't push her. I don't want her to dislike learning.

Then it's game/movie time...and Mommy can write for a little bit or until Daddy gets home from work. This would be the times that I've written some fights while listening to "A Song About Elmo" and "Set Your Piggies Free" ... Gotta love Sesame Street background tunes.

After that, it's dinner, family time, bathtime, bedtime... Nighttime is when this mama gets the most of her work done. I sometimes stay up until 4-5 in the morning writing, and get up around 8 or so...or whatever rude time my cat decides to wake me up.

That's a typical day for me. If the husband is off work.... things are so out of whack it isn't even funny...and summers are totally off balance too.
But I love it and wouldn't change it at all. Okay, MAYBE I'd change the hormonal outbursts from teen/s and toddler-teen. (Toddler-Teen syndrome... my 4yo throws temper tantrums that rival the 15yo. I'm in for it.) 

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