Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm coming clean again...

Okay guys.... It's time I come clean again!

I've been terribly quiet and quite greedy with my books, if you ask me. I'm sorry! I've been working and handling a new routine and childrens....and I can feed you lame excuses all I want. True or not, they're quite lame.

So. Here's what I have for you today! An update, an introduction and a teaser. Hope that'll do for now. I'm trying not to suck here. But it may be fairly blah. But it is what I have.

First order of business.... The update.

Soul being a pain in the rump. Why you ask? Well, for one, it's told from a male point of view... so go figure. No, really, it's revelation related. I'd get say 30 thousands words in and BAM, something is wrong, it's off... THIS is why. And this means you need to start back over. Why do I have to start back at the beginning for these revelations? Because I'm OCD and cannot write out of order to save my life. *sigh* and this male is a bit late with a few of revelations...

There will be a cover & blurb reveal, and I'll fill everyone in on that ASAP! :)

So, to answer some questions anyone may have.
1) Soul Promise IS from Henry's point of view.
2) The Soul Mate Series will form one long story told through the eyes of different characters.
3) Each book picks up where the previous on left off, so you won't have to fully relive experiences already lived. There will be moments of reflection though.
4) As of right now, I can't answer how many books there will be total in the series. My original plan (when I wrote the first draft of True Connection) is completely washed away due to the face lift process (revisions and editing)

I have a teaser picture for you to reward you for you if you've lasted this long...
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Next update!
A Message of Flowers!

It's getting a cover makeover and there will finally be a blog tour for it! YAY! I'm very excited about this!

New cover, paperbacks, and a tour :) It'll be so much fun!

That being said, if anyone would like to take part in the tour, please sign up HERE

Now for the last item on my list.

The introduction.

I know I've said that one of my next titles is Pucked... I know it's somewhere. But I also know I haven't talked about it much. So, that's what I'm going to do now!

Pucked is a Young Adult Contemporary. It'll be a stand alone, no series involved here. It's the story of a teenage girl who loves mud and four wheelers and a teenage boy who loves ice hockey.
I'm 1/3 of the way finished, but I'm so in love with this story, and I can't wait to share it with you all!

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That's all I have for now. Until next time, Keep Your Eye On The Puck! ;)

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  1. I cannot wait for AMoF! It's been out for how long now in e-format? I want a paperback copy! <3


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