Wednesday, March 26, 2014

4 Self-Published Authors I Look Up To

A few months ago I promised myself that I would do one post a month that wasn't part of a blog tour or reveal of some sort. Write a post that's interesting and helps anyone get to know me a bit better. I did a post last month - A Day In My Shoes

This seems like such an easy question. But it's not.

There are so many authors I look up to, so many talented men and women in this industry that I have the utmost respect for.

So, here we go.

1. Carey Heywood
Carey was one of the first authors I became friends with when I first started out. She's one of my beta readers, given me tips and pointers on random things, some literary others not. Her books are as incredible as she is, and I'm so proud to call her friend. But more than that, I admire her. Not just her work or that she's one of my friends. She's hysterical, real, and someone I can't live without.

2. Kendall Grey
Where do I start? This woman kicks ass. She says the things that everyone thinks but are too afraid to say. Not to mention, she's hilarious. Personally, I love her books. No, they aren't for everyone, but dammit, I love them and her. I so enjoy her posts regarding epiracy... and if you're friends with her on Facebook, you've probably seen it at some point.

3. Anne Eliot
This woman is incredibly down to earth. After I read Almost, I developed a bit of an author crush and started following her on Twitter and Facebook. Since then, she's been amazing. She's so easy to talk to and a giving person.

4. Madeline Sheehan
Madeline makes a point to connect with her readers and other authors. That, to me, is amazing. She's unconventional and simply amazing. She's giving and supportive and crazy. But, my favorite thing in the world. Is the way she writes. She writes real, gritty, unfrilly romances. Life isn't always hearts and flowers and butterflies. I find her books enthralling and the characters addicting. Her strength is admirable, she's still going, still writing, still reaching out, and I'm positive she'll do it all for as long as she can.

There's my Fantastic Four... Interesting bunch if you ask me, but these four are amazing women.

Which indie authors do you look up to?

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