Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I'm Back! Did You Miss Me?

I'm not sure if anyone's aware, I've taken quite a bit of time away from my blog recently. And I've learned something from this step back.

Here's what I've learned:

1. Writer's Block Plague

Since I've stepped down from blogging at the beginning of the year, I've been graced by the Word Gods with writer's block. It's almost constant. For months I've been struggling with Twisted Destiny, book three of The Soul Mate Series. Since the start of September, I've taken time on the weekends to create a few blog posts (which I'll post over the next few weeks) about random topics. And since then, my writing time, quality of word, and word count has gotten better.

I'm a very visual person, so when I get writer's block, it's like watching silent movies. Just in my head. I can see what's happening and where things are headed but I can't hear anything. So sitting in front of the computer watching this go down in my head and trying to write what ever is happening, the words just get lost somewhere and I end up staring at a blinking cursor. And getting more aggravated with each blink.

2. Grumpiness

When I can't write I get really grumpy. I could have been yelling, "GET OFF MY DAMN LAWN!" to the birds. So I'm sure I've been short with people who don't deserve it.

3. Black Listed

I don't know if it's true, but I'm about 98.6% sure that I've been black listed by a few bloggers or authors or promoters. I really don't like that feeling. But I'm the jerk that signed up for stuff and didn't follow through. I completely understand. Hell, I'd black list me, too.

Speaking of, be prepared for posts that were sent to me since January that were never posted. I tried posting things at the beginning of the year but I know I didn't get all of them posted before I gave up on the blog completely.

4. Scramble Brain

I have never, in my entire life, be so mentally disorganized as I have been this year.

In fifth grade, my teacher would comment on every report card about how disorganized my folders were. Since then, I've always tried to organize better, it started with my school binders/folders, then it gravitated to my clothes and toys, and eventually it was just ME. I was the organized one. I was the one who could find anything for anyone. My mom lost something? I'd find it. Anyone that came to me saying, "Crap! Rachel!!! I can't find _____!" Enter the missing object, and soon enough I'd find it or suggest possible places for them to find it. It was just me. I used to have an almost mathematical way of organizing and finding.

This year, I've lost more crap than I can remember and have helped ZERO people find anything. Except for maybe their sanity when they realize they aren't near as bad off mentally as they originally thought after speaking with me.

With my husband's help, my movie shelf and books are about the only thing organized in my life right now. And this has me geeking the eff out. I do not live this way. Messy. I hate it. And that's my life in pretty much all aspects possible.

I'm in the process of cleaning and reorganizing. Mentally and physically. Lol. It's a process in itself and I am so disappointed in myself for the mess I've created.

And scramble brains leads to...


I swear, if I've told you that I would do something...I'm not lying. I really wanted to do whatever it was. I JUST FORGOT. A lot of times I remember days later and if I can still do it, I will. But that's not always the case.

I'm positive I had more for this list, but I forgot.

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