Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let Me Introduce You To...

I want to introduce you to a fellow author. Dean.
He writes Sci-fi, which is pretty cool.
Another pretty cool thing, he's writing a short stories series that you can vote on. 
Crowdsourced Storytelling.

D.E.S. Richard

The D is for Dean.
Dean is the author of the 3024AD series of science fiction stories. He also write Adventures in Indie Publishing for Nerds Feather, focusing on the latest in indie press. As that might indicate, he is a nerd (or geek?).
He is also an aficionado of good drinks (extra dry martini; onions, not olives), good food and fine dress. When not holed up in his office tweeting obnoxiously writing, he can be found watching or playing sports, or in his natural habitat of a bookstore.
He also has an unhealthy obsession with old movies and goes through phases where he plays video games before kind of forgetting they exist.

He lives in the Pacific Northwest and likes the rain, thank you very much.

About The Venturess

The Venturess is a ship. This is the story of her and her crew. Only, you pick what happens in it. Every other Friday, a new short story will be posted. You, the reader will then have a week to vote on what happens next.
The Venturess is a delivery ship- sometimes for legitimate concerns, more often not. This takes the ship and crew to the far reaches of the universe, and into contact with a myriad of species and characters.
Grab your spacesuit, your weapon of choice, and settle in for the ride.
Welcome aboard.

The Crew

Laurie Mack is the owner and captain of the ship. Serious, though not as serious as she often appears. She is brave and calculated, a businesswoman, yet a misfit in her own right- hence owning a ship and venturing on her own.
Chip is her pilot. Young and brash, he is a brilliant pilot. Happy-go-lucky and cheerful no matter the situation, and loyal to a fault. Oh, and he’s dead, so you could have skipped this.
Scorch is an automaton, brought on for loading and moving cargo, there is a quiet wisdom to him. While intended to simply fill labor roles, he has become a valuable member of the crew.
The Bartender is a Fuesillien revolutionary, with ties to the criminal underworld. He joined the crew upon Chip’s death, needing to escape authorities. It is yet unclear if he is loyal to the crew, or just serving his own ends.

You can find the stories here: The Venturess 

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