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Introducing: Maria DeSouza

The second author I have this week is Maria DeSouza. She was happy to entertain me with an interview. A Halloween-y interview, too. 

 Halloween is right around the corner! So, what is your favorite horror movie of all time?     

Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies are my all-time favorite movies for Halloween. 

Do you have a marathon movie day near Halloween?

I will watch some movies with my kids like Scream or Nightmare Before Christmas.  I have a Tim Burton marathon during the week of Halloween.  Halloween day, I usually spend time having a party and trick or treating, and come home to watch the scarier movies with my husband like Insidious or IT.

The worst Halloween costume you’ve ever worn is…   

I was a witch and my mom painted my face green.  Apparently, I was allergic to the face paint she used and my face was swollen during the day and itchy and I looked like a swollen green faced witch.  People thought it was part of the costume, like a mask but it was my face.  :/

What is the most important aspect of writing in the thriller genre?  

To me, having the reader in constant fear of what might happen is a key factor in a thriller.  I also think that when you build a character so evil or scary that your readers are still talking about them after they have finished reading the book.

If you had the power to bring one actor or writer back from the dead, who would that be and why them?   

I would bring back Heath Ledger.  I feel that he died before he could accomplish great things as an actor.  He was also great on the eyes!

Say that you and I are going to a haunted mansion. You happen to know that this particular mansion has a room filled with clown figurines, paintings, statues, and the like. And you happen to know that I’m terrified of clowns…
What type of friend would you be?

A. “No Rachel! Do NOT go in that room!” And save me from seeing any of it.
B. Do you shove me inside the room without warning and hold the door shut so I can’t get out.
C. Go in with me, pretending to care and hold me, only to chase me around with one of the clowns.
D. Tell me I can do it and go with me without being a butthole.
E. Other.

I would totally go in there and pretend I had no idea it would scare you.  Possibly chase you with a clown, but all in good fun.  I also know you would be the first to throw a fake spider on me!

If you were trapped in a world similar to The Walking Dead, how many zombies would you kill and how long do you think you’d last?  

I would be the Michonne equivalent of my Walking Dead world.  The quiet yet deadly person who slices zombie’s head with a katana sword.  Again, in my world I would last forever.   I would also lock myself up in a gun store and raid all the houses of people who coupon because you know they will have stocked up on a lot of food. 

You’re a parent. Be honest with me, do you enforce the Halloween Candy Parent Tax? What is one candy you always go after?   

As a parent, it is my sworn duty to enforce this mandatory tax that is only payable in KitKats, Twix, or Snickers.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are also welcome to be used to bribe this officer to skip doing chores. 

When I was a teen, I joined a group of friends and we visited an abandoned prison. What is something you did as a teen around Halloween?   

I went with friends to places that were reportedly haunted, like the Elizabeth Insane Asylum, and a butcher farm, or cemeteries after dark.   No wonder I have a morbid mind! 

As an author, what do you struggle the most with?   

Reviews!!!!!  I wish my readers would leave reviews after reading my book, or anyone’s book for that matter.  When you don’t leave a review, it makes us think that you don’t like the book.  Authors might end a series early because of lack of interest in it.  Authors do read reviews, especially if you’re constructive in your wording.

What is the creepiest line you’ve ever read? What book was it from?   

“We all float down here.” IT by Stephen King    It was the first book I read by him and by far the scariest thing I read.

Do you have a favorite Halloween themed poem?    

Anything by Edgar Allen Poe is my Halloween go to for poems.

Do you think the literary world needs more of anything in particular?   

I don’t think the Literary World needs anything in particular.  I do think that authors should embrace each other more in terms of supporting each other, instead of putting each other down.   Being original is also a key element.  When someone becomes popular writing a step brother book, it doesn’t mean we need thousands of books about that one topic.  

Has there been a scene or line that you’ve written that gave yourself chills? Can you share it?   

I wrote a scene in Love Lost that involved Lucio, my bad guy.  It was a glimpse into his past with Selene.  I ended up deleting it and adding it to my Deleted scenes document.  I will add it eventually to one of the later books in the series or as deleted scenes to the series boxed set.

What are the top five things you’ve googled for your writing that you would have a hard time explaining to others WHY you’ve googled it?   

I have googled crime scenes, strip clubs, human trafficking, mind of a killer/psychopath, and horrible ways to die.   I would say that my google history may lead people to think I am a serial killer or harboring one.   But I swear I’m not!  

Thank you so much Maria! It was a blast having you!

Here's a little more about Maria:

Maria DeSouza
I am a NJ native, not to be mistaken for the craziness that is the NJ Housewives or Jersey Shore! I have two children and a loving husband, who are my life and family that makes me want to scream at times, but I love them. I started my affair with reading and writing at a young age. I loved where books took me, and wished for the day when I would meet my dream boat. (Yes, I referred to my future man as a dream boat. Child of the 80s here!) I grew up on Stephen King, Nora Roberts, and anything my library would let me borrow. I would always grab a notebook and start writing about the books I read because I wanted the story to continue. I never took it seriously until I had a friend a few years ago tell me that I needed to publish my work after I wrote down a short story. My reaction was…yeah, right! The words stuck with me and I was constantly asked, “Did you write more? Are you done?” A back injury put my writing on hold for almost 2 yrs and last year, I found the WIP file and started reading. Then, I started writing and adding to it. That little dream turned story will be my debut novel, Love Lost.  I’m currently finished with Hidden Heart and working on Book 2 in the series, Lost Soul.

Contact Maria-

Love Lost

Hidden Heart (Coming Soon)

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