Wednesday, October 14, 2015


This week I want to introduce you to a dear friend of mine, Donna Munoz.

She wrote the CUTEST book of all time! As soon as it was live, I read it to Little Miss (my 6yo). And she loved it!

Donna was kind enough to write me a post on how her book came to be. Here's a bit about Harley Farley and Donna:

How the Harley Farley Zombie Book series came to be...

One night at dinner, Eddie, Andrew and Daniel were too quiet! I said, "Hey! What would you guys do if a zombie walked through the front door?"

The dinner table was suddenly alive with screams and shouts of Legos and Xbox and Star Wars! The boys abandon the dinner table and come back with paper and crayons and pencils and drew all kinds of imaginitive, fun drawings of their special time with their zombie best friend. Soon, it became a family event- drawing a little zombie and giving him adventures. When Halloween came around, it only made sense to take our zombie, Harley Farley, Trick-or-Treating! So the family came up with silly rhymes and fun times. Daniel Corral illustrated a book for us, and I surprised my boys with their very own picture book: "Harley Farley's First Hallowen: A Zombie Book." We hope you enjoy our story! Up next: "Harley Farley Pajama Party!"
This book has really given me the opportunity to reach out to my community. Each October, I present my book, the moral lesson of unconditional friendship, and educational lessons like story sequencing and vocabulary, to hundreds of elementary school students. This year, I will present to approximately 2,000 school children. Every school I visit receives a free Harley Farley book. This year we will also host a Harley Farley Halloween Party for the children on the oncology floor of El Paso Children's Hospital.
I am so excited to see what the future holds with the Harley Farley books, and I love that it's a passion project for my boys and me. Thank you so much for your support!
Visit my Web page to watch the official book trailer, buy the book on Kindle or paperback, and print out free coloring and activity pages!


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