Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's Hockey Season. FINALLY!

I love the puck.

If you talk to me, follow my posts on any media outlet, or know me in real life…you may have heard me talk about hockey once or a thousand times. There’s a reason for this.


I’m a hockey nut.

I even wrote about hockey in Pucked.

There’s just something about it… I don’t even know why really. To me, hockey is the best thing since coffee.

I was around the age of puberty (so um…somewhere between 10 and 13 I think) when I went to my first live game. My sister, her husband (that might’ve been boyfriend at the time), and one of their friends took me to Hershey PA to see the Hershey Bears play. I don’t remember who they played. I WISH I DID! But sadly well over a decade has passed since then. Whoever they played, I fell in love with the game. I was more of a sporty, tom-boy growing up anyway. Of course I had girly moments (more when I was elementary school little) but sports and wrestling were a staple on my TV in my room, as well as cartoons…like Cat Dog and Smurfs. I’m not ashamed. Anyway, I remember before that I watched ice hockey on the TV. But I didn’t follow it until that live game. After that game I’d watch and learn the rules (I had already learned soccer and football enough to follow along and not get too confused). But I didn’t choose a team. Not until my senior year. Pittsburgh Penguins became IT for me. It wasn’t that far a reach because I loved the Pittsburgh Steelers already, too.

Then I graduated and met my husband, who loved them both, too.

I have a hockey husband…not my actual husband. I have one player that I love to the moon. But he’s married, too. So it can never be *sniff* but I know the rules, I know how its played, and I can chirp like the best of ‘em. Trust me, I am funny as h-e-double hockey sticks during hockey season. I follow stats. (I love statistics for some reason. Even if they're calculated in a redundant way sometimes.) There will always be a rivalry, but for me, it's not from hate. It's from history, it's from those very stats, it's because of the way the game is played. I respect the game, the players, the coaches, the officials... And when you have that kind of love, you can talk hockey with just about anyone. I'm a Penguins fan, but I can watch a Flyers game and see a great play, a perfect shot, an out-of-this-world save and show respect to the team.

In Pucked, Audrey zones out of her surroundings and goes berserk watching the game…That is me. Last season I wrote Pucked during games (intermissions and commercials mostly because I forgot I was writing and got sucked into the games). 

Life just isn't the same when hockey season is out. It's like take a coffee-addict's coffee away for 3 months. You get the shakes. You look at pictures from the past and cry in the middle of the night. Okay, maybe not. But still. Hockey season knocks the socks off summertime sunshine any day.

I’m just your average, every day, mom, wife, and author. That happens to love hockey.

I don’t need a reason. ;)

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