Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Question From A Reader

Over on my Facebook page I asked if anyone had any questions that I would answer at some point this month. I didn't think anyone would respond, mostly because of the limited reach my page gets. (Everyone complains about facebook status views, so I'll save you that complaint.) Well, much to my surprise, I had someone ask me a question!

Question: Tell me honestly, do you like Twilight?


Nope, I don't like it.

Now, before you gasp at me or disregard my response, hear me out. I don't like Twilight because I actually love it.

The love I feel for Twilight was far from Insta-Love. Before it was optioned for a movie, a friend of mine gave me Twilight. She said, "It's not your typical vampire romance, but give it a chance, I think you'll like it." I don't remember what else she had said to "sell me" on borrowing the book, but I did borrow it.

I'm terrible with borrowed books. Not that I forget to give them back or destroy them, no. I'm afraid I'll mess it up or change its smell somehow just by touching it, let alone breathing on it. So a lot of times, when someone lends me a book, it sits in one spot and never gets opened until I either purchase my own copy or just give it back. Not always though, I have read several borrowed books, but yeah I'm odd.

Anyway, I remember sitting at my kitchen table in our old house with Twilight in hand and I stared at the preface and read the first sentence probably 80 times without retaining what it said. I figured I wasn't in the mood to read at the time so I sat it down and went about my business. A few days later I tried starting from Chapter 1. I couldn't get through the first page. After several times of trying I gave the book back to my friend and told her it just wasn't for me.

About a year later, my sister told me to try again. I did. Same results. I just couldn't get into it.

By the time my brother told me to read it, Twilight the movie was getting ready to release. I ignored him and ignored the movie and book.

Then my girl, my stepdaughter, said she was super excited for the movie. Then she saw the movie in theaters. She wanted to own the movie, the books, and to marry Edward Cullen.

We bought her each movie as they were released on DVD and between me and my sister, we purchased her the series in book form. She read and reread those suckers. Her and my brother made me watch Twilight and then New Moon. When Eclipse came to theaters, my friend, stepdaughter, and myself went to the theater. I barely paid attention to Twilight and New Moon even though they were played at least a dozen times each. At the theater, I actually paid attention to Eclipse. By the end of the movie, I told myself that I would give the books another shot.

I picked up Twilight one evening, and found that same resistance at the beginning, but I forced myself to continue. I'm really glad I did, too. I fell in love little by little. Not with Bella or Edward or Jacob or my Twilight husband Emmett (LOL), I fell in love with the story itself. It's awkward and cute, the sparkly vampire thing is still a little far fetched for me as I'm a lover of the scary vamps that burn in the sun, but it didn't turn me away from the story. By the time Breaking Dawn part 1 came to theaters, I had read the novels maybe 3 times over.

More and more as time moves on, like it always does too quickly, I find that I appreciate the story and Stephanie Meyer more than before. I also thank my girl and my siblings and that one friend for forcing me to read the books and watch the movies. They all know my resistance with popular in your face things...but they pestered me enough that I finally gave it a REAL chance.

I bought my stepdaughter and I a copy of the anniversary edition and she knows she will probably read it before me. It's new, and EVERYONE has had something to say about it. I'll read it when some of the newness fades. Until then, I look at it every day and think "Yeah, I'll get to you soon my precious." It's a pretty book. Books are precious. So, yes, I love Twilight. It's one of those things where you have to accept the annoying and ugly parts to accept the whole story. Its fiction. Fiction can go ANYWHERE. Sometimes we can't "get over" certain aspects, and that's okay, too. I'm sure I share a common interest with nearly everyone, but it may not be my favorite or go to. I'm a very eclectic person.

Do you have a question for me? Don't be afraid to ask! I love answering questions about as much as I love asking them.

Have a great day Bookworms! :)

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