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Twisted Destiny: The Soul Mate Series book 3

I want to apologize. I seem to apologize a lot with series, but regardless, I am truly sorry. This series is so much fun, but it's also incredibly tough to write. I can't really explain it because I don't exactly understand my own holdup.

When I wrote True Connection in 2012, I didn't have too many distractions other than my family. Also, I didn't know what I was doing at all. Would it be worth the time? Who would read it? Would I let anyone read it? I didn't know and I had no expectations with it either. No one knew about it until I was finished or almost finished. It was just me and the story. Back then, I had a clear view of each story and took notes in a notebook. I have those notes still, but since then, so much has changed. After True Connection was complete, and I had two people who would read it that weren't related to me, Emma Hart and Carey Heywood, I got their feedback and started making changes. Then I had an editor and things weren't as smooth as either of us expected. There were a lot of errors, plot holes, personal happenings for each of us that made everything tense on top of it... and we stopped. I was disappointed but not in her, in myself. Her and I are still friends, and I highly respect her. She's amazing. At the start of 2013, with help from my Critique Partner, I overhauled the entire book. There were SO MANY changes to True Connection that I knew no matter what, the 65,000 words written for Soul Promise would need changed, too.

Fast forward to now: I spend a lot of time going back through what I have written to make sure the timeline is correct and I'm not making something happen too fast. Not only that, Aisling is new. She wasn't an "original" character since book one, so it's taken some time to get to know her. Just when I think I know her, she does something that surprises me. And a lot of times, I take a pause and go back just to make sure I'm getting her right.

My personal life has had some changes, big ones. My medical condition doesn't allow me to sit for long periods of time and my daughter is in kindergarten this year with a cyber charter school. So I have to move a lot and also guide my feisty kindergartner through school.

Anyway, without sounding like I'm making excuses, I just wanted to apologize for taking so long to get this book out. I am working. I promise you that. But at this moment, I don't have a release date or even an estimate. Writer's block is very consuming and seems to set in sporadically. I just can't guess when it'll happen again or if it will.

For your patience, I'll let you with this excerpt from Twisted Destiny. I don't like sharing much that's unedited, but I think this is the perfect time to share more than a one liner with you all. I have redacted a few lines and changed some things around so it wouldn't spoil anything. So when you read the whole thing, you might recognize this scene, but it will be different (better know, cleaner. LOL)

Twisted Destiny
The Soul Mate Series

Copyright © Rachel Walter

Stone cold arms wrap around my shoulders and under the backs of my knees. I try to hide the disgust consuming me but I groan with the sudden lurch of my stomach as I’m hoisted in the air.
“She is a plump one,” a gravely voice comments followed by a loud squeak. The air shifts and suddenly my senses are assaulted with scents of lavender, cinnamon, and smoke.
“Put her in the den with him.”
Shoes clump as I’m jostled around. Dust and mildew invade the cinnamon and suddenly, all I can smell is something rotting. I gag. Quickly turning my head, I retch and retch again when I hear the contents of my stomach splat on the floor.
I open my eyes and see two rotting corpses and a few unmoving rodents scattered on the hardwood floor. The floorboards creak as I'm set on my feet and shoved further into the room of dead.
“Father,” he announces. “Aisling Haw-,”
“I know who she is fool, leave,” a weathered masculine voice shouts.
Panic fills me. He can’t leave me here with their dead! He winks at me before he steps toward the mangled wooden door behind him and quickly disappears, shutting it between us.
If this room is any indication as to what my future will be like, I'm in bigger trouble than I thought.
“You smell of shifters,” the voice says sounding intrigued.
“I live in a shifter territory,” I explain and note that my voice sounds smaller than normal.
“Hmm… Yes. I can smell my old friends on you. Perfect.”
I swallow roughly and fist my hands at my sides. “What do you want with me?” Slowly, I turn around and try to catch a glimpse of the man with the awful voice. “How am I supposed to save anyone?”
He clucks his tongue and then footsteps draw nearer. “My son has spoken too much. Such a shame, too,” he says in my ear.
I squeak and spin around, coming face to face with scarlet eyes. I swallow my scream and take a step away from him.
“It was my fault. I wouldn’t stop asking questions. He gave few answers and then I don’t know what happened.” I shrug with my lie. “I woke up here.”
His black clothed hand inches closer to me and in a smooth motion, he wraps his long skinny fingers around my shoulder. “Don’t be afraid my child. This is only the beginning of a beautiful partnership.” With a wave of his hand, the smell of death vanishes and is replaced by the succulent scents of warm vanilla and lilacs. The remains of the dead disappear and we’re standing in a warm, white marble lined hallway.
“Come, I have much to tell you,” his voice seemed to have grown younger with the wave of his hand. “This is such fun. It’s been far too long since I’ve had visitors.”
Part of me wants to ask how long, but the smarter part of me surprisingly keeps a lid on my questions.
            A soft buzz touches my mind and a painful burn runs through my insides, circling my heart. I touch my hand to my chest and close my eyes. 


I hope you've enjoyed this! As soon as I have better news regarding Twisted Destiny, I will let you all know with announcements EVERYWHERE!

Later this week I will answer another reader question and possibly another interview with a new-to-me author. If you have any questions you'd like me to answer in post form, don't be shy! :) Have a fabulous Monday bookworms! <3 

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