Thursday, December 3, 2015

Another Question & Another Answer

Question: I like writing but I don't know how to make my ideas pop you know. I think authors are so amazing, to keep there ideas flowing and Yh. It's awesome. I know you probably get blocks but how do you keep it going? How do you keep it fresh lol.

Writer’s block SUCKS. I handle that in a wide range of ways. Sometimes I ignore the story completely. Other times, I've put the characters in a genre-opposite scenario just to see what they do. Aisling has been in a space ship manned by blob-like aliens, in Paris to figure out the metro on her own, and a quick substitute for a daycare instructor that needed to use the facilities. (I could post those at some point. They're kind of amusing.) Other times, I get stuck because a previous scene has a flaw that makes the current situation not feel right. That's preferable over being stuck, stuck. I've been so stuck that it's like watching a silent movie. I've also been so stuck that I see and feel nothing. No urges, no nudges. Coming back from that is trickier. I'm not sure how I managed that, but I know it was difficult. Some days I added zero words, others I'd add a whole paragraph. 
As for the other part of the question, how I keep it fresh? I read, listen to music, and just be live my life. I haven’t been unfortunate in the idea department. Inspiration can come from a conversation, a phrase, a song, a lyric or graffiti painted on a passing train, you just have to pay attention. Part of who I am is paying attention to little things, details, body language…It’s just me being me. The real struggle is determining which idea is new and not just another scene in an already started idea. I don’t always get a name attached to a stray thought like that. One thing I do is write notes; napkin, notebook, the notes app on my phone, etc. Sometimes it leads to finding things I don’t remember writing.
From the time I first started writing, I never expected to finish anything or publish it. The first story I tried writing was something that happened to me in high school. I didn’t get far with it before I tossed the whole journal into the trash. Then, I didn’t write at all for a while. It was random when True Connection came to me. It wasn’t something I expected or planned for. I didn’t expect to finish it or publish it or even tell anyone in my life that I was writing. It was a complete whim. Since then, I’ve heard many writers say that they have a hard time sticking to one idea and seeing it through. It’s hard work to get to THE END. It’s rewarding and scary. I keep short goals for myself; get to a certain word count in a week, finish a particular scene, etc. Sometimes I need a break from a storyline or character, and that’s when I work on some other shiny ideas. I write big books, so I spend a lot of time with one set of characters for a chunk of time. I get that bored feeling every not and then, even though it’s not a boring story. I feel stale being in one “environment” for too long. I’ll read then, too. I usually go on reading binges every week or every other week. I try to read at least one book a week, but that one book tends to spur a reading binge. I’ll read six books or so in a night. It’s a good recharge for me to get lost in someone else’s words and world. A good “fog clearer.” I tend to stay away from the genre I’m writing. Example: Twisted Destiny is YA Paranormal. I'll read contemporary or another genre until I move on.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me! I love answering questions as much as I love to ask them! :)

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